A positive trend


Both existing and potential clients often stop by for an informal meeting at Myhlenfeldt & Co. Not because of our cosy and creative office space, nor for the really nice coffee we serve … It is simply to avoid “the squeeze”. The squeeze of not having the right resources for sparring in their own company or of being concerned about how their colleagues will perceive them if they admit that they do not always have the golden answer at hand to everything within their field of expertise.


Mostly, our guests just acknowledge the logic in sparring with an external, dedicated and experienced partner with a mutual interest in their corporate success.


CFOs and CEOs visit us to discuss e.g. existing or potential challenges of communicating to their organisation, or HR Managers visit us to discuss employee branding solutions, but these days we most often meet with Marketing Managers who are getting continuously frustrated with the ever growing need for content in order to initiate their content marketing.


They have not prepared anything in particular for the visit and it is not a workshop. We have a cup of coffee and bounce ideas and challenges. In fact, our “cosy guests” often come up with many of their own solutions just by explaining the challenges to us. Mind you, they are really talented people! Then they get our angle and ideas, garnished with a fair bit of experience as we have a client portfolio of many national and international businesses. We then top it up with a sprinkle of enthusiasm and positive commitment, and they return to their companies with fresh eyes, ideas and direction. As opposed to sitting alone at their desks struggling to come up with something brilliant within the time frame of 1.32 hours scheduled in their calendar before their next meeting.


Some of our clients combine it with sparring internally in their companies, but either way it is a win/win (pardon the worn-out expression). They get ideas and direction, and we get to give input in the early stages of projects and concepts, thereby avoiding unpleasant challenges that might block the process later on. But most importantly, we generate trust. To us, trust is the very foundation of any successful project realisation and client relationship.


People surrounding us worry that our ideas will be “stolen”, but here is the thing … ideas do not thrive and grow into something progressive, creative and beautiful if you keep them in a box. They need to come out into the open and get air and space. At Myhlenfeldt & Co, we create ideas and concepts in abundance, and we have not experienced that we were not hired at a later stage to implement the very same ideas and concepts. Why? Because it makes sense. Why would you not hire the company who entirely understands the concept as they were there at its “birth”.


On our side, we get even more experience, and we are keeping 100% up to date with our clients' needs and the challenges they are facing, right now!


Knowledge-sharing is dramatically improved


Moving into the fourth and final stage of delivering 27 visualisation/instructional films for Bombardier Transportation Denmark, it has become apparent to both Myhlenfeldt & Co and our client that this is knowledge-sharing with a level of detail that cannot be found elsewhere.


The concept of using a combination of video and written documentation to visualise production structures, tips & tricks for quality adjustments and adaptations, optimal usage of tools and streamlined workflows prepares the company for helping potential new employees to take ownership and complete the processes and the existing employees to take pride in their professional knowledge and feel the recognition for their vast experience and dedication.


27 films are a substantial number of films and processes to be handled and processed. It substantiates our firm belief that knowledge of and experience in film is not enough … extensive experience in communications is imperative.


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